About us

E4e is a website created 100% by escorts – for escorts. Its goal is to gather European female and male escorts and create a nice space with a supporting community. On our forum we have a place to talk about all aspects of our work. You can find there all kinds of tips, city guides and of course a base of blacklisted clients. We also have categories for general chat – life is not all about the work 🙂

Who is the forum for?

We created this forum for European sex workers – everybody’s welcome. The forum is open, so everyone can read it, however only registered Users can add topics and replies (and have access to the black list of numbers). To become the member of the forum, follow the instructions in “Join us” page. The forum is for verified escorts only.

If you are interested in SW related subjects, but you are not a sex worker, you can visit the blog. We post there articles about sex work, escorting and sex in general. Everyone will find there something entertaining to read.