Forum rules

1. By applying for registration as a User on the forum you confirm that you read the forum rules, you accept them and you agree to respect them. Each breach of principles will cause on getting the warning from Administrators and in case of a hard or repetitive violation of the rules the User will be deleted/banned.

2. The Administors of the forum are not responsible for the content uploaded by the User. The User is the only person responsible for the posted content and is obligated to follow the rules. Administrators are obligated to moderate forum and delete inappropriate content as soon as possible. Every User is allowed and encouraged to report the inappropriate content to the Administration on email: .

3. It is strictly forbidden to post offensive, abusive, hateful, vulgar, racist, false, misleading content and the content that is copyrighted or can invade somebody’s privacy, including data of other forum Members other than the data provided by the Member in her/his own forum profile. It is also not allowed to encourage other Users to do so or to encourage other Users to violate any legal law.

4.1 The forum is available only for verified escorts.
4.2 The User is not obligated to share any personal information with the Administrators. Administrators will ask only for the links to the verified profiles on directories sent from an official email or Twitter account of the person applying registration.
4.3 The User should not publish her/his personal data or the profile login details (login and password) on the forum, in the forum profile or in the private messages to other forum Members.
4.4 The only official ways of contacting the Administration is by email or by a private message on a Twitter profile @escorts4escorts

5. It is forbidden to copy or publish any forum content uploaded by Users or Administrators without getting the permission of the Author (except for quoting other Users’ posts on the forum in a discussion).

6.1 The forum and the website is written fully in English. English is the language that should be used by all Users.
6.2 If the User wants to add a post in other language than English, she/he should first add the content in English and then add it’s translation in the other language below – in one post.
6.3 All the content published in other languauge than English without the English translation will be considered as spam, will be deleted and the User will get a warning.
6.4 All the quotes added to Users’ posts should be quoted from the English version of the quoted text or quoted in both languages (first in English, then in other language).