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    Many people are used to using forum websites only on a computer because it seems easier.

    Our forum works very well on the phones too, so you can read it and add new topics and replies whenever you want. It’s easy and fast.

    How to make it even easier?

    If you always keep your phone safe, you can stay logged in on the forum on your phone and avoid logging in every time you want to do a quick search or scroll through new topics.

    You can also add the website link/icon to your home screen on the phone. You will just click it and display the forum in a second.

    How to add the link-icon to a home screen?
    step 1. Open the e4e website on your phone.
    step 2. Go to “forum” section.
    step 3. Tap the menu (usually on the top right side)
    step 4. Choose “Add to a home screen”.
    step 5. Type the name you want to display under the icon (or type space if you don’t want any name to be displayed).
    And it’s ready. Now you have an icon on your home screen that will send you directly to the forum.

    If you like, you can make a folder on your home screen and add more icons there – for example a few of your favourite categories / topics on the forum.
    To do so, just visit the category / topic, you’d like to add (instead of visiting general “forum” site in a step 2 above).


    Favorite topics
    If you like some topic and you want to bookmark it, you can save it in your favourites.
    To save the topic display it and click “save” on the right top part.

    You can find and manage your favourite topics in your profile. To visit a profile, click your profile picture or a Username on the top right corner on a forum page (or right below the forums if you use the mobile version).  Then on the left side (or on top of the page on mobile version) you will see “favourites”. Click it and you will see all your favourite topics.


    Subscribed topics
    If you like a topic and you want to get notifications for your email each time someone adds a reply, you can mark the topic as subscribed. Just click “subscribe” in the right top part of the topic. You can find and manage your subscribed topics in your profile.

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