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    what are your favourite activities ?, I really enjoy taking  care of myself,-spa, treatments of facial and   body, sports/fitness classes regulary-Im ‘ill ‘;-)) if I dont do my training,  reading fashion magazines,psychology books,  baking some healthy desserts.., . shopping. / my bad habbit;-)/  of course travelling and discovering places


    What about yours


    Lets get to know each other..


    I love this subject! <3

    I love doing treatments at home. I like those days when I stay at home, do the nails, scrub, hair etc. then put a lot of nice smelling lotion and just relax at home.

    I like reading. Recently I decided to watch a bit less and read a bit more. Good little change to make.

    And of course I luuv going to swimming pool – swim a bit, have fun and rest in bubble bath.

    I wish I were addicted to exercises like you are 😀 I like doing some sports and move a little, but sometimes, to be honest, I’m not motivated enough – that’s my bad habit hehe (actually I’ll make a topic about excercises) 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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